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Dance Party Case Study:

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Party

(15,000 – 25,000pax)

The Brief

To design and produce the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras post parade dance party and midyear dance party, across multiple spaces at the Entertainment Quarter including the Hordern Pavilion, Byron Kennedy Hall and Royall Hall of Industries.

MSF produced six parties, across two separate organisations, during a tumultuous period in the event’s history. Our brief was to create an event of international acclaim that would showcase the latest and most innovative technology, the most sought after artists and take the party to a whole new level.

The MSF Solution

MSF designed and managed all technical, production, operational and logistical specifications including:

1. Lighting, concert size audio systems, multiple state of the art laser systems, large LED vision, and across multiple pavilions,

2. F&B management, logistics, full medical facility, across the event

3. Marquees and temporary structures as well as outdoor stages,

4. Detailed document trails including risk management, OH&S, harm minimisation .

5. Management of dozens of suppliers and hundreds of event personnel.

6. Sourcing and negotiating, International and local talent incl Darren Hayes, Tina Arena, Marcia Hines, Human Nature, Jimmy Barnes, cirque de soleil performers

7. Fully produced stage shows including all creative personnel, performers, costumes, set design

8. A large security contingent to manage a secure site,

9. Venue and stakeholder liaison incl fire, police, ambulance, local authorities, local residents and businesses etc.

10. Each event required a six day set-up period and operated for approx twelve hours (10pm – 10am), followed by a two day pack down period.

The Outcome

MSF not only satisfied the initial brief, but evolved and grew the event providing an international event of industry benchmark standard, with spectacular shows, the very latest technology, flawless operations and delivery and with client and stakeholder accolades. In this project MSF was truly a partner in innovation and creativity, staging a spectacular that will forever be the bar by which similar events, worldwide, will be judged.