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Brand Launch Case Study:

therubyconnection Pitch

The Brief

therubyconnection, an initiative of Westpac’s Women’s Markets Team, is a website dedicated to supporting the needs of women in business. MSF were asked to design and produce the launch of the new website in June 2008.

therubyconnection gives Australian businesswomen a space of their own. It provides a connection to other women in business, and all their unique experiences, insights and knowledge.

The MSF Solution

The launch required MSF to showcase Westpac as more than just the leading financial institution for women in business - MSF needed to personify Westpac as the most relevant organisation for women in business through their engagement with therubyconnection.

MSF proposed utilising the hospitality suites of Westpac’s Kent Street office as the venue for the launch. These suites, so connected to the Westpac brand, also reflected the style of the women in attendance and truly linked therubyconnection to Westpac.

The proposed styling connected the guests to therubyconnection utilising all five senses. Its logo and relevant imagery strategically placed around the space were designed to echo the brand in a personal way.

Crisp and modern terminals were designed to provide the guests with privileged access to the brand. Each guest was to be signed up as a member of therubyconnection by a Westpac hostess during the event.

The catering reflected the sophistication and entrepreneurial ability of the guests. On arrival, each guest was to be welcomed with a brilliant ruby coloured cocktail that perfectly matched the style of business women today – it had just the right amount of kick in it, impressive as a cocktail yet respectful of their responsibility and their further activities that night.

The launch was presented as an early evening cocktail function so that the women could make the most of networking with like minded peers.

Newly appointed Westpac CEO, Gail Kelly, was proposed as the representative to launch the project. She was to be joined by other prominent business women across a wide sector of industries.

To reinforce the message “where women in business click”, each guest was to receive a branded cordless rechargeable mouse as part of their gift package upon leaving.

The Outcome

Over 250 business women were expected to attend the launch and become members of therubyconnection with an additional 1000+ business women envisaged to be members within a week via the implementation of a post event viral marketing campaign designed and managed by MSF.

It was proposed that therubyconnection launch would personify Westpac as the most relevant organisation for women in business.