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Building Launch Case Study:

Kane Constructions

The Brief

To design and produce a launch event for the new head office that would actively engage the invited guests, reflects the brand values and attributes of the company and clearly operates as a major marketing initiative to raise the company’s profile in the marketplace.

The MSF Solution

The strategy was to devise an event that would focus attention on the design and building excellence of the new head office while still communicating key brand messages. We recognise that a building can be a brand, and that the choice for a company's headquarters can say much about who they are and who they wish to service in the market place. We created an event designed to 'speak' with confidence, expertise and professionalism.

Large screens both inside and outside the building directly reinforced the brand values and messages via customised vision packages, while the brand colours were reinforced via building up-lighting (both inside & out), signature cocktails and customised display banners.

One of the challenges was incorporating a lot of technical equipment into the new building without detracting from its interior design elements, and MSF cleverly planned it so that the technical equipment had a minimal footprint in the room and in addition, specialised white technical equipment had also been sourced. Multiple LED fixtures (which give off no heat) were discretely positioned so that the room glowed and colour changes could occur on cue.

The construction theme was reinforced via waitstaff and security in branded fluoro work vests as well as an entry walkway lined with internally lit traffic cones.

The brand name was also not forgotten and was displayed in a variety of ways both standard and more innovative including moving logo projections as well as a branded mini cooper positioned at the entrance under a huge 5m x 3m screen featuring the brand imagery and messages.

But guests also enjoyed themselves with delicious canapés and boutique beers and wines and with a funky little jazz combo adding to the celebratory vibe in the room.

The Outcome

Over the years MSF has provided a high standard of brand creative and production to a range of clients and this event was no exception with rave reviews received from both client and guests.