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Imagine working with an agency that has a solid mission statement, one that stands by every word, imagine working with an agency that knows that your event is about you – not us.

Our Mission Statement

  • Work effectively with our clients in a collaborative partnership.
  • Ensure accuracy and success in all areas of event management, entertainment and production.
  • Provide individual, innovative and professional service in both design and event presentation.
  • Work with the most talented, resourceful, loyal and creative people in an open and trusting environment.


Our Maxim

experience - style - reliability - reputation


Our Core Values

  • Creative competitiveness & credibility –- providing leading edge quality solutions to satisfied clients.
  • Success through collaboration –- working efficiently with each other and clients to produce the best results.
  • Positive attitude –- demonstrating initiative and a individual positive approach in all interactions.
  • Personal growth –- continually enhancing our knowledge, skills and competency.
  • Mutually profitable client relationships –- committing to a rewarding outcome for both MSF and our clients.
  • Professional and business integrity –- acting in an ethical manner in all situations.
  • Taking personal responsibility –- accountability for accuracy and excellence in all work undertaken.